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Client Projects

Working for my clients brings me great joy. Collaborating with you to bring your ideas to life to add flare to your space whether it be home or office. Here is a glimpse of what we do here at Kristina Pearson Design. 

All* home decor is handmade in my home. Each piece is carefully sanded, painted, and handled to give you a high-quality piece that you can enjoy for years to come. Each is finished with a saw-tooth hanger for a "ready to install" experience.

*some projects sourced from torn-down buildings, farmsteads, etc.



Merry Christmas

This 24" x 24" sign features an Early American stained frame and white background. This client wanted simple elegance for a timeless holiday piece. We opted to add a cranberry stripe for some added flair.


Life's better up North

Old buildings have a special place in my heart. This reclaimed farm window was designed with the clients' grandmother's favorite location in mind. I too believe life's better up north. 



Aztec Deer Head

This 24" x 24" sign features a dark Jacobean stain with a white background. Perched atop a headboard with a bedding set fit for the coziest room. 


The Olsons

This 12" x 24" sign features a black stain with white background. Collaborating with a client to determine the best ingredients for a successful marriage. 



The Party has Arrived

This 24" x 48" sign features an Early American stain with a white background. The large size looks great over a kitchen table. This collaboration was fun with the addition of each family member's name. 

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